About Hobbes

Hobbes is a sequence mapping software in development at School of Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine.



We released Hobbes3 (Hobbes3 source code). Hobbes3 significantly improves accuracy and mapping speed for edit distance in all mapping mode (and m mapping mode as well).


A new version of Hobbes2 has been released (Hobbes 2.1 source code). This version supports m mapping mode.


We released Hobbes2 (Hobbes 2.0 source code) under a BSD license.


We released a new version of Hobbes source code under a BSD license. The new version is faster and return more mappings


We released the Hobbes source code under a BSD license.


We released Hobbes 1.3 which includes mostly bugfixes and usability improvements.


A new version of Hobbes has been released. This version supports indels and paired end reads.


Hobbes has been released for the first time. The current version supports hamming distance. The Hobbes team is trying to add support for indels and paired end reads in the next version.

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